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Part Number: 10403 Availability: Available
Manufacturer P.N.: S-16TM Condition: New
Warranty: 12 month (Standard) Packaging: Retail
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All convenient for the easy swap in/out hard drives and for data backup, duplication,transporation, security, DVR, testing and consummers. Built up an enterprise reliable data center with the reliability and robustness for large-scale replicated environments on this module(s).

This high quality Removable SATA Hard Drive Drawer/Mobile Rack delivers a professional-grade hot-swap solution, allowing you to quickly swap SATA hard drives in/out of a computer without having to open the computer case. The mobile rack is fully compatible with RAID installations to ensure maximum performance and versatility for enhanced storage applications.


  • Silver aluminum-body with Black plastic panel & aluminum handle
  • W/O cooling fan (*Optional 4x4cm fan)
  • 15pin SATA power connector and 7pin SATA signal connector
  • With HDD LED Switch
  • Hidden triangle metal key-lock and outer sliding-cover design
  • Support SATAI/II/III & SAS I,II 6Gbps
  • With rugged anti-vibration level guiding rails to absorb all direction vibration for anti-shock vibration

Railway series Features


All Railway series products are featured with different patents on the stainless-rail design. This rail-way is specially designed for the connection between the tray and the frame. Each rail is with two resilient touch points and each tray is needed to walk on the two rails at both sides. In conclusion, each tray will be touching with 4 resilient points on ELS patented rail.


The key feature of the railway design that makes the frame & the tray fully fixed enhances the stability of the tray status. On the other hand, the idea of the resilient points is another feature to provide the less vibration and limit the top-bottom range of the vibration.


The features of Railway series are the key to protect the HDD installed on the tray without vibration. With Aluminum for the main material of Railway products, it is also for strong heat dissipating. It provide the best temperature-controlling & stable environment for HDD & SSD storage.



  • Add additional hot-swap bays to a server or workstation computer
  • System builders who need to image many drives simultaneously and quickly
  • Environments where drives need to be replaced/removed regularly, without external protection for the drives required after removal
  • Be able to replace/remove individual drives from a storage array with minimal or no system down time
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